Does WSB’s Richard Belcher Let His Mom Watch Him Having Sex?

It is seemingly a preposterous question, but it’s relevant to Richard Belcher’s interview with Gena Evans.

Evans traded emails with her significant other from her GDOT email account, something probably 99% of GDOT employees do. Some of the emails were sexual in nature.

Belcher points out to her that “this is the Bible Belt” and “Would you show those emails to your mom and dad?” Seriously, what the hell type of question is that? He might as well have next asked if she let her parents watch her in bed with her husband. It is just as relevant.

The emails were personal. There is no dispute that the emails were personal. The dispute is whether she should have sent them from her work email account — something pretty much everyone does.

But the emails were clearly personal and clearly to a boyfriend. Do you talk to your significant other romantically? Do you talk the same way to your parents? Probably not unless you’re from some parts of Alabama or went to the University of Florida.

So why ask the question except for the shock value of it? It’s otherwise not relevant to the issue at hand.

In fact, this whole controversy was designed to embarrass Gena Evans in an effort to force her out of her job. Belcher willingly played right into the hands of the Evans’s foes.

While Belcher is wondering whether she would send these emails to her mom and dad he never thought to ask George Anderson who suggested to Anderson that he request Evans’s emails.

In fact, Belcher, being a typical mainstream journalist, probably didn’t even realize that he missed the most important story: ‘who is out to get Gena Evans?’

Note to Mr. Belcher, not to get all cliche with you, but stop being a useful pawn of someone with an agenda against Evans and follow the money. There is a bigger story there. A much bigger story with bigger fish than Gena Evans to fry.

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