Dog Confirmed As Man’s Best Friend

The Minnesota State Patrol credited the family dog with helping them locate a missing two-year-old toddler who had gotten lost in a cornfield last night. The little boy had been playing outside with other family members when he disappeared, shortly before dark.

After an initial search by family members failed to locate the child, police were notified. As the nighttime temperature dropped, a helicopter and tracking dogs were brought in to assist with the search effort, due to concerns about the dangers of hypothermia.

As the video above clearly demonstrates, an infrared camera in the helicopter easily pinpointed the boy’s location for the rescue team on the ground because the dog hovered so close to the child, creating a larger heat signature that was relatively easy to see.

A police spokesman characterized the dog’s behavior as going into “protection mode.”

Rumors persist that a third heat signature shown in the video belonged to the family cat. Police explained the lack of recognition for the cat by saying that from their perspective, the family dog had clearly been the hero of the story.

Witnesses on the scene had formed the opinion that the cat was only there at the scene to observe their search and recovery efforts with disdain and disinterest.

(Just kidding, cat lovers.)


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