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Donald the Liar

Believing this President of the United States often requires people to believe as true so much that is not so. That is a real problem and the Comey situation shows it. I wish the White House would pay attention to this.

President Trump will, on any given day, contradict himself dozens of times within minutes, if not seconds, in ways that are impossible to reconcile. The result is that many people just refuse to believe anything he says.

There is normal partisanship and now hyper-partisanship in Washington, D.C. The mere existence of Donald Trump in the White House is enough for many to set their hair on fire and scream. His consumption of oxygen and exhaling of carbon dioxide is enough to drive some of the left into fits of irrational rage.

But there are others who would normally be willing to give the President some benefit of the doubt and even those people are having trouble doing so because of the President’s constant war with truth.

His supporters should acknowledge this. They may say he is joking. They may say he knows it is not true. But they should acknowledge that the President regularly and routinely contradicts himself and then, to compound it, denies he ever made the first contradictory statement.

I believe the President fired James Comey because of Comey’s handling of the Clinton emails. People in the White House I trust and have long known as honest people are adamant that Comey’s testimony before Congress that the FBI had to walk back was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Comey had to go to restore trust in the FBI.

Again, though, because of President Trump’s infidelity to the truth, a lot of people who would normally give the President the benefit of the doubt are not doing so.

Today, word is leaking out that the President will not move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This, again, is something President Trump promised repeatedly to do. This is another broken promise.

If the President continues his war on truth and continues breaking oft repeated promises to his base, he will soon find that even his most ardent supporters have trouble believing him.

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