Donald Trump Gets Hillary Clinton Elected #NeverTrump

Yes, Trump voters are right.  If Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination for President and conservatives sit it out, Hillary Clinton will get elected.

That is the point of getting the disclosure out there in the primary that we won’t vote for Donald in the general.  Trump voters need to understand that a Hillary Presidency will be on them.  If they want to gamble that they can get Donald across the finish line without us, let them.  It is their choice.

As much as they will want to complain that those of us who refused to support Donald got Hillary elected, the fact is that we gave them plenty of time to realize what would happen and they still chose Donald Trump as the GOP nominee.

So a Hillary Presidency is theirs.  They went with a guy knowing so many of us would never support him.  Their choice.  I will never, ever support Donald Trump.  Ever.

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