Donald Trump Has Lost His Twitter Access. Obama Mocks Him.

It should have happened months ago, but the Trump campaign, at the end, is showing uncharacteristic discipline. They have taken away Trump’s twitter access. The staff is now vetting his tweets before rolling them out. This has prompted mocking from Barack Obama.

“Apparently, his campaign has taken away his Twitter,” Obama said, speaking at a Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee, Florida. “In the last two days, they had so little confidence in his self-control, that they said, ‘We’re just going to take away your Twitter.’”

“Now, if somebody can’t handle a Twitter account,” he continued, to audience laughter, “they can’t handle the nuclear codes. If somebody starts tweeting at 3 in the morning because ‘SNL’ made fun of you, then you can’t handle the nuclear codes.”

It is a fair point.

The Trump campaign should have done this months ago and they should have been doing an aggressive campaign schedule months ago. That they waited until the final 72 hours of the Presidential campaign to begin an aggressive sweep of swing states and keep Trump on message shows what might have been. Alas, now it is too late to matter.

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