Donald Trump, in His Own Bed, Will Not Cost Him Votes

Reuters has an analysis out now that Donald Trump going back to New York every night is going to cost him votes. Seriously.

After nearly every rally, the billionaire real estate developer hops into one of his planes or helicopters and returns to New York so that he can sleep in his own bed in his marble-and-gold-furnished Trump Tower apartment in Manhattan.

In November and December, Trump held six rallies in Iowa, visited a local production plant and held one town hall, flying home each night. His nearest rival for the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz, has zigzagged around the state, holding around a dozen town halls and twice as many “meet-and-greet” sessions, and bedding down between stops in hotels.

There are a lot of reasons that Donald Trump may or may not lose votes, but refusing to stay at a Roach Motel in some little backwater town in Iowa is not going to be one of them.

His lead from Cruz slipped for a host of other issues, not where he sleeps.

I swear people are writing stuff just trying to sound smart, but they really don’t know what the hell they are talking about in these cases. Trump is drawing massive crowds wherever he goes and he is also is coming across as one of the most rested candidates on the trail because he goes home every night.

This is silly nonsense. Trump is presently beating virtually every candidate on the campaign trail. And he is doing it with a good night’s sleep at home.

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