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Donald Trump is a Fascist, So Let’s Have Gun Control

The left’s political arguments about gun control border from the reasonable, even if I disagree, to the outright absurd and contradictory. Fortunately, the most public claims and where the majority of the left’s vocal support is are the ones most likely to prevent any gun control from happening.

According to prominent voices on the left, Donald Trump is a fascist. These same voices would then have you believe that you should surrender your guns to Donald Trump’s government. That makes no sense except that the left thinks it will one day be in charge again. And that is exactly why gun control will not happen.

The political left in the United States, as a movement, has grown increasingly totalitarian. As a movement it believes that you must accept its core beliefs, even if they contradict basic biology and science, and should you reject those beliefs the government can punish you. If you have a belief in God, you are subject to derision and ridicule as the left, itself, tries to rewrite and redefine Christianity with open heretics. A case before the Supreme Court this term pits a cake baker against gay rights activists with an unusual fact pattern. The baker was happy to provide the gay couple a cake. But the baker was not going to custom bake a cake for them. The baker refuses even to make cakes for Halloween, considering it a pagan holiday. He’d have made the gay couple a cake for any reason, but he was not going to custom design a cake for a same-sex wedding any more than he’d make a cake celebrating Halloween.

The bigot must be destroyed.

The left’s cultural over reach from demanding men be admitted to women’s bathrooms to forcing businesses out of business if they don’t provide goods and services to certain weddings has shown the right that there can be no compromise on any issue. The left created an existential crisis for the right’s values, traditions, and faiths. So people on the right are not about to give up arms to a group of people who would gladly and with celebration destroy the lives of their political opponents, who the left increasingly labels as evil.

Meanwhile, liberal gun owners see the media playing up white supremacists as a massive movement. According to them, there are racists everywhere and a white supremacist is in charge of the nation. That’s not an effective way to begin the argument that minority gun owners should hand in their guns.

The left’s own intolerance and hysterical claims about the right undermine their arguments to moderate and liberal voters who support gun rights and their hysterical rage at the right totally defeats even having a reasonable argument with conservatives who no longer trust them to honestly compromise.

So we will get more bad statistics, more liberal tirades by news anchors and late night comedians, and no change.

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