Donald Trump is a Raging Hypocrite

Donald Trump has weighed in on the ongoing Apple v. FBI standoff, and has taken a rather strong pro-Federal Government stance.  To be precise, Trump has called for a boycott of all Apple products until such time as Apple complies:

Normally this would not be too big a deal—public figures call for boycotts fairly frequently, and with a hawkishly pro-law and order South Carolina Republican electorate set to vote tomorrow, perhaps this makes for good politics.  What is astounding, however, is Donald Trump’s sheer hypocrisy.  The man literally tweeted, three hours earlier, from his iPhone:

Trump has since said he will now “only be using Samsung,” but…really, man?  Did you suddenly arrive at this no-holds-barred, hardline anti-Apple stance in those three hours between tweets?


For what it’s worth, I suspect Apple has a losing case on the legal merits.  Gabriel Malor, over at The Federalist, has the right analysis.

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