Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks with the media after the presidential debate between Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Hofstra University, Monday, Sept. 26, 2016, in Hempstead, N.Y. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Donald Trump is Having a Bimbo Eruption

More and more accusations make Trump look like a predator. He said on video that because of his position he can grab women by their genitals. He boasted of trying to have a woman fired because she would not have sex with him. And now more and more women are coming forward with lurid tales of sexual assault.

Donald Trump is having his own bimbo eruption. And his campaign and supporters are behaving exactly as they accuse Hillary Clinton of behaving to defend Bill Clinton.

The Trump campaign is attacking the women, attacking their motivations, and claiming this is all about politics. Well, on that last one they are right, but it is fair game in politics and everyone but the Trump supporters knew these attacks would be coming.

To review, we have the Access Hollywood tape.

We have two women now coming forward claiming Trump sexually assaulted them.

We have a Miss Washington State claiming the same.

We have a Miss Universe participant claiming Trump hated black people.

We have an ongoing lawsuit related to the rape of a minor.

We have video of Trump checking out 10 year old girls boasting that he’d be dating one in ten years. Ewwwww.

Donald Trump is Bill Clinton. He even lied on Sunday night. Remember, Bill Clinton got impeached because of a lie. Trump said he had never groped any woman. Here come several saying that indeed he has groped them.

His supporters are now operating exactly like the Democrats they claim to oppose. They hold up the women in Bill Clinton’s past as fair game, but demand we ignore women making claims about Trump. They attack Hillary Clinton for attacking Bill Clinton’s accusers while they attack Trump’s accusers.

That ultimately is the problem with Trump. Any accusation his supporters make at Democrats, from leaked emails to predatory behavior, can be made against Trump. He was always the only person Hillary Clinton could beat and now she is going to because he couldn’t keep his hands off women.

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