Donald Trump is John Miller. If Not, We Need to Meet John Miller.

Back in the 1990’s Donald Trump used to pretend to be a PR flack named John Miller. Trump, in the past, admitted to this fact. The Washington Post has a story with the audio of a phone call between Trump and a reporter. You can listen for yourself. Not only does it sound like Trump, but “John Miller” also uses the same adjectives that Trump likes to use. At one point, when sharing intimate details of Trump and a relationship, “John Miller” slips into “I” instead of the third person “he.”

Now, however, Trump is denying it was him. Again, Trump admitted it was him years ago. Now he says it was not him and naturally his supporters are all denying it too.

But Trump previously admitted it was him.

If Trump is now going to deny it, he needs to produce John Miller or his employment record, etc. along with Trump’s taxes. But I suspect we’ll find Jimmy Hoffa before we see either.

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