Donald Trump Is Just Getting Started

For the last seven months I have warned of the menace that is the Donald Trump campaign. Now, I don’t want anyone to get me wrong, I am a fan of the entertainer known from The Apprentice. I always enjoyed watching celebrities shove their dignity to the side just to get the chance to be an ambassador of the Trump brand.

Watching the show actually gave me quite a bit of insight into how his campaign would work and that, yes, he would be able to translate huge crowds to a huge caucus. You might want to interject here that Trump didn’t win and that I was wrong, and I was to a degree. Trump didn’t win first place in the caucus, but he did place very respectably in 2nd place, and he did so with almost no GOTV organization to speak of.

Yes, Donald Trump had his friends in radio and his “adversaries” in the MSM priming the pump for the Donald the entire time, but still, that alone wouldn’t be enough to capture nearly 25% of the caucus. Trump was able to do what most thought impossible, he got people to show up without a GOTV operation on the ground going door to door.

Of course, Donald Trump has been learning for years how to use social media and earned media to his advantage. This is doubly true of the aforementioned show The Apprentice. I

On The Apprentice the contestants, celebrity or otherwise, are given tasks to either fundraise, advertise, or create a physical presence at an event. Any of this sound familiar to the work done in politics? Yeah. Trump knows how to not only influence a crowd but move them to physical action.

Heck, this was evident at many of his rallies in various ways to those who were watching.

If he can do this in a caucus, which requires the voter to go out and stay out for a rather long time just to cast a series of votes, he can certainly do it in a primary. When you get right down to it, Donald Trump got nearly 40,000 people to show up on a cold February night when a blizzard is on the horizon. That’s no joke.

We have a series of proportional states forthcoming in which we could possibly see Trump pull higher numbers than he has here in Iowa precisely because it can be done with less organization.

What should scare everyone now is if there are any indications Trump decides this was a good opening negotiation point by the voters and begins spending on organization now in earnest.

After all, we know this was just the opening round and Trump isn’t done yet.

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