Donald Trump: Just Another Fascist With An Enemies List

Fascists and tyrants always have enemies lists. Barack Obama, who has exceeded the constitutional scope of his powers, has used the IRS as a weapon against conservatives.

Donald Trump, the man who called Bill Clinton before running for President and who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrat causes, is just another Obama waiting to happen. He made that clear today by declaring Joe Ricketts, the owner of the Cubs, to be on his enemies list for funding Republicans against Trump.

It can’t be any wonder that so many people with swastikas in their Twitter profile pics back Donald Trump. It takes one to know one.

You put Donald Trump in charge of the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, etc. you’re just going to wind up with a more vicious version of Barack Obama. He will not be Republican, but for the highest bidder, which is always himself.

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