This photo combination of file images shows Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, left, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. A major shake-up for Indiana politics could be coming this week as Trump considers Pence as his Republican vice presidential choice. Pence is expected to attend a fundraising event and rally in Indiana with Trump on Tuesday, July 12. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy, David Zalubowski)

Donald Trump Must Quit the Race or Mike Pence Should #QuitOrBeFired

What good does it profit a party to win the White House and lose its soul? That is what the GOP and Donald Trump’s apologists are now struggling with.

Apology or not, sincere or not, the Trump brand is too damaged to win and the Republican Party itself is too damaged to win. The taint has spread to Trump’s apologists and defenders.

Lawyers will argue about whether Trump can drop out now or not. Regardless, he should do it anyway. He should refuse to campaign and let Mike Pence run as if running for President. Pence should serve in his stead in the future debates and repudiate everything Donald Trump has said.

Pence should not mince words, but denounce Trump and Trumpism.

The long term viability of the GOP is at stake now. Trump has lost us the Supreme Court. He has lost us the White House. He has lost us the future. The only way he can make it right is to get out.

Republicans who really want to save the Supreme Court need to demand Trump get out now and let Pence run as the Presidential nominee. That is the only thing left that can salvage the race. Let lawyers argue over the consequences, but a strong show that Pence is in charge and Trump is off the field is the only way to beat Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump must quit the race. If he does not, Mike Pence should quit to save what remains of his integrity. He did a thoroughly redeemable job in his Vice Presidential debate, but it will all be for naught if he continues to be tainted by Donald Trump.

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