Donald Trump: Serial Rapist of Truth

The white supremacists who back Trump had to be crying a bit into their swastikas tonight. Trump said nice things about Israel. (NOTE: Not all Trump supporters are white supremacists, but a hell of a lot of white supremacists are Trump supporters)

But for most of the night, Donald Trump physically sweated as Cruz and Rubio tag teamed him. Rubio, frankly, did a better job of keeping his eye on the prize. Cruz let a few opportunities go without attacking and got distracted by trying to make points about Rubio. But, that might have been intentional because it let Rubio then get an extra thirty seconds to attack Trump.

It was a brilliant tag team leaving Kasich and Carson mostly on the sidelines thankfully.

Kasich came across as his standard jackass self.

Carson is just a non-entity who not seems more con artist taking advantage of people than a hero surgeon.

Trump came across as a massive liar. Cruz caught him in lies about healthcare. Rubio caught him in lies about spending. Trump lied and lied and lied some more. Trump raped the truth repeatedly. He left the truth abused, battered, and in a dumpster.

Rubio and Cruz showed what their tag teaming Trump can do. But they have to keep doing it. They cannot think this is a one night thing. They absolutely must sustain the tag team over the next few weeks. They need advertising to highlight Donald Trump raping the truth. They must unite in this fight still.

Between the two, Marco Rubio did better than Cruz at holding Trump accountable and making Trump uncomfortable repeatedly. But Cruz did very well.

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