Donald Trump Should Not Do This

The right has spent the last several years targeting Hillary Clinton for conflicts of interest relating to the Clinton Foundation. The attacks and charges leveled had an impact on Clinton’s trust numbers and were a legitimate issue, but one downplayed by the press.

Donald Trump, in moving into the White House, is signaling that he will maintain ties to the Trump Organization. The potential conflicts of interest will be tremendous and the press will not ignore them in the same way they ignored the Clinton conflicts of interest.

The Trump Organization is low hanging fruit for allegation and investigation. Donald Trump has just settled the Trump University case for millions of dollars. The press continues to seek out his tax returns. They are looking for a real scandal. This conflict of interest has everything the press needs.

Republicans typically have to be on their A game at all times. Democrats tend to get a greater pass from the press. But even Hillary Clinton, with a light touch by the press, had trouble dealing with the conflicts of interest raised by her tenure in the Secretary of State’s office while her husband was getting foreign donations through the Clinton Foundation.

This will actually be far worse and a bigger deal should it come to fruition.

Donald Trump, before January 20, 2017, needs to find a way to eliminate the conflicts of interest that will occur if he maintains ties to the Trump Organization. There is no constitutional requirement for a blind trust and I do not have a problem if Trump chooses not to have a blind trust, but it would be far preferable to what he is presently considering.

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