Members of the Church of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan march around the Madison County Courthouse in Canton, Miss., Saturday, May 29, 1999. About 40 members of the group conducted their "informational program" at the courthouse following their brief march. All the activities ended with no incident. (AP Photo/Rogelio Solis)

Donald Trump Stars as the Candidate of the KKK

In the 1920’s, Donald Trump’s father was arrested at a KKK rally for refusing to disperse.

In the late 1970’s, Donald Trump’s business was sued by the Department of Justice for discrimination against black renters. Despite Trump rhetoric that he always fights, he wound up settling this case.

On Sunday of this past week, Trump refused to denounce the KKK and David Duke.

On Monday, Donald Trump had the Secret Service remove black students from a rally in Valdosta, GA.

He’s gone from talking about helping “the blacks” to helping “the African Americans.”

This is unacceptable for a candidate for President of any party, but all this will be used against Donald Trump as a Republican repeatedly. It will poison his candidacy. The Party of Reagan should not nominate a man who will not repeatedly denounce and condemn the KKK.

The ads for the general election write themselves and the Democrats will be ruthless. Donald Trump cannot beat Hillary Clinton, he will not beat Hillary Clinton, and I will have no part in his candidacy.

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