Donald Trump Thinks the Rape Allegations Against Bill Clinton Are “A Game”

That’s the problem with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. If he stakes out a position on something strongly now, you can go back in time to when he had staked out the exact opposite position just as strongly.

Right now Trump is attacking Bill Clinton as a rapist and brings up the names of the women who were allegedly raped. But back i the 1990’s, Donald Trump defended the Clintons from the exact same women.

According to Trump’s attorney on CNN today, “He was a private citizen who was friendly with the Clintons and he was trying to protect a friend,” Cohen explained. “Now, it’s a different game. It’s 2016, he is the Republican presidential nominee.”

So when Trump was a private citizen, he was a friend of the Clintons. Well, that gets us to even more problematic ground. In one of the first debates, Donald Trump said he got the Clintons to his wedding by giving them campaign cash, not because they were friends. Here comes his lawyer to contradict Trump on that claim.

And now, check out the language. “It’s a different game.” When did rape become a game?

Because Trump is the Republican nominee the game has changed? He went from being a friend of Bill Clinton’s to now opposing his wife, so Trump gets to reverse himself on whether rape happened or not? He gets to go from attacking the accusers to using them against Clinton now? Because it’s a game?

This plays into the larger critique conservatives have against Trump. He flip-flops when his circumstances change. And that’s important. It is when Trump’s own circumstances change. So if Trump’s polling drops, we can expect Trump to change dramatically from issues that have galvanized his base. After all, it’s a game right?

A man who would defend a friend against rape allegations and then attack that same friend with the same allegations because his own interests have changed is no friend and no one should trust him.

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