Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump debates Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the third presidential debate at UNLV in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016.(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Donald Trump Wants Hillary Clinton to be President

Stop saying conservatives opposed to Donald Trump want Hillary Clinton to be President. It was abundantly obvious last night that Donald Trump wants Hillary Clinton to be President. He could not help himself but go full dumpster fire after thirty minutes of sedation. Perhaps his medication wore off.

As the debate went on, Trump became more and more unglued. Then, despite brilliant answers on the second amendment and abortion, threw it all away by saying on stage that he would not accept the results of the election. Any and all good will Trump built up prior to that disappeared.

Donald Trump got Hillary Clinton elected President. Then calling her a nasty woman during the final thirty minutes of the debate drove away the last few women who were supporting him.

You know it is bad when Laura Ingraham, one of the chief priestesses of the Cult of Trump, went on television and, when introduced as a Trump supporter, said she supported his ideas, then openly said he should said he’d accept the results of the election.

Don’t tell me any Republican opposed to Trump wants Clinton. It is abundantly clear that Donald Trump wants Clinton too. He has built up enough of a market of suckers to go start a television network where he can play permanent victim and give play by play on his friend Hillary ruining the country.

Trump is already having talks about building a TV network. He has no intention of trying to win. He had no intention of trying to win on that debate stage. He has turned to performance art and theater to help his friend, who he endorsed in 2008, get across the finish line.

Republicans need to do all they can in the next three weeks to preserve the House and Senate. Because Donald Trump himself just handed Hillary Clinton the White House.

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