Donald Trump’s Campaign Just Did The Dumbest Thing in Campaign 2016

This morning, Mike Pence said the Trump campaign had evidence that he did not commit sexual harassment. This evening, it was no longer evidence, but a witness.

The witness, Anthony Gilberthorpe, claims he was on the flight with Jessica Leeds and Donald Trump. He claims to have a photographic memory, sat across from them, and watched Ms. Leeds in a white pant suit come on hard to Donald Trump.

He says he has a photographic memory of all this, but he does not remember the year of the flight or any other details.

Well, the Trump campaign should have googled. Turns out Mr. Gilberthorpe claims to have arranged for some potentially underage boys to attend sex parties with British politicians. But that’s not all. There is also this gem.

In September 1987, for example, he announced his engagement in the Times to Miss Leah Bergdorf-Hunt, a fashion designer from California. The Gloucester Express reported the news on its front page under the headline “Gilby to Marry”. It quoted Gilberthorpe as saying: “Both our families are delighted… I hope this will explain to a few people about my recent visits to America.” But there was no engagement, and indeed no Miss Bergdorf-Hunt. As revealed in Eye 690, the whole thing was a fantasy.

In 1988 – the year before he claims to have sent Thatcher his dossier – he was awarded almost £50,000 libel damages against the Gloucester Citizen, Daily Mirror and Sun, all of which had reported that he was resigning as a councillor “amid allegations that he is a homosexual, has the killer disease Aids and has obtained £250,000 in cash and property from a disabled old-age pensioner”.

The odd feature of the case was that the local news-agency reporter who had supplied the story identified his source as Gilberthorpe himself. Mark Mitchell told the court that Gilby had phoned him from a London hotel to announce that he was quitting as a councillor because a national newspaper was about to allege that he’d had treatment for Aids at a New York clinic.

The papers were able to get out of the libel damages.

This is the man Donald Trump is using as his character witness.


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