Donald Trump’s Easy Solution To His Jeff Sessions Problem

Eureka! I got it! I have discovered an easy solution to solve this little kerfuffle between Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions. As an Alabama Republican voter and consultant, I would like to propose a trade: give us back Jeff Sessions, and we’ll give you Luther Strange. We’ll put ‘ol Jeff back in his Senate seat, and you can make Luther Strange your Attorney General. This deal is a win-win for our President:

  1. We already know Mitch McConnell will support him.
  2. We already know he’s totally okay with stopping any investigations in exchange for an appointment. 
  3. We can rest assured that he won’t recuse himself from any potential conflicts of interest.
  4. We know he’ll be an excellent lap dog and follow any orders he’s given from those in power.
  5. We don’t have to worry about him being morally consistent or taking any principled stands that upset the status quo.

As a bonus, we’ll finally stop seeing his ridiculous misleading and false attack ads run non-stop on every channel and before every Youtube video.

Backstory: Not sure what we’re talking about? Catch up on our coverage of the scandals and corruption surrounding Luther Strange here.


About The Author: Trey Edwards is a conservative Republican political consultant that works with clients across Alabama.

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