Donald Trump’s Gold Plated Con Just Got Hillary Clinton Elected

2017 is going to be the year of “I told you so.” Every time Hillary Clinton gets another leftist on the Supreme Court, those of us who opposed Trump will be able to remind you that this would happen. Every time the Democrat run Congress passes gun control, we will have told you so. It is no fun being a prophet of doom, but Trump makes it obvious. His nomination assures Hillary Clinton of victory and the evidence is in his fundraising, or should I say his lack thereof.

Donald Trump, major party nominee, has only $1.2 million cash on hand and raised only $3.1 million in the month of May. At this time in 2012, Mitt Romney had raised over $76.8 million in the month of May and had more than half that on hand. Trump actually has less cash on hand than many congressional candidates.

Hillary Clinton, in contrast, raised $26.3 million and has $42.4 million cash on hand.

But not only that, Trump’s Super PAC only has $500,000 cash on hand and obligations of more than that.

And for icing on the cake, the Republican National Committee has only $19.9 million cash on hand through May 31st, which is the lowest it has had any any Presidential year in more than a decade. In 2012, for example, the RNC had $61 million cash on hand.

Trump cannot self fund because he does not have access to the liquid assets he claims, which is why he will not release his tax returns. The free market suggests Trump’s campaign is a loser, which is why donors are not giving to him. His PAC is more a scam than an actual entity.

Donald Trump sold a bunch of angry people a bill of goods and took them for all they were worth, which apparently was not much. Now he is going to face Hillary Clinton who has $42 million to his $1.2 million.

Well done, Republicans. Well done. If you nominate Donald Trump in Cleveland you’ll be handing Hillary Clinton the Presidency. I told you so.

If you want a sense of just how ridiculous this farce is, Donald Trump paid $35,000 to “Draper Sterling”, a fictitious ad agency. Seriously. He also paid more that $400,000 to rent his own Mar-a-Lago, which was more than his whole payroll. He reimbursed his children’s travel for the campaign. He paid himself a salary. The data is ridiculous and embarrassing. He spent $737,000 at Trump owned businesses.

The GOP is so screwed and it has only itself to blame.

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