Donald Wants To Personally Make Virginia and California Great Again

The Trump campaign has stumbled upon the missing ingredient in its delegate wrangling catastrophe. It’s Donald.

The man who can sell ice to Inuit (it’s not P.C. to call them Eskimos), hawk pee-in-a-cup vitamin pyramid schemes, promise that budding real estate tycoons can make millions by posing with his cardboard cutout, and wow Holiday Inn investors by getting rented bulldozers to shove dirt around a stalled construction site believes with all his soul he can woo delegates to his heart. Yessiree, as big as that sentence is, Trump’s faith in his abilities of persuasion is bigger.

Trump will stop by the Hyatt Regency hotel near the San Francisco International Airport on Friday for the opening day of the California GOP’s state convention. A day later, he will visit Harrisonburg, Va., for the Republican Party of Virginia’s convention, the people said.

The Virginia GOP convention will be held at the James Madison University convocation center. In a Twitter message on Monday, the university said that here is “no contact between JMU & Trump campaign. The event referenced not a JMU-sponsored event.”

See, I’m not kidding.

Trump is going to suit up, slather on the orange spray-tan, buff the pancake makeup to a high gloss, tease his golden crown to perfection, and step out on stage in California with a twinkle in his eye and a glinty smile. And he’s going to lie his brains out.

Alarmed by Cruz’s success in states where Trump has done well, Trump is said to have personally requested his high command to add these two state conventions to his schedule, confident that his presence and overtures could convince some delegates to get behind his campaign.

That’s the plan, at least.

I’m sorry. If you’re a Trump supporter, I know you think I’m being judgmental. And I am. But when Trump stands up in front of a crowd to “convince them” and make “overtures” that’s just code for lying. It’s what he does. He makes promises that people want to hear, he tells them he loves them.

He woos them. But he has no intention of anything other than a sordid one-night-stand after which he doesn’t even leave a note. He’s gone in the morning.

It’s possible that the Casanova Candidate can pick up some delegates in California and Virginia. But the smart money is on the Cruz operation, which has been frontloading the process for months. Trump is going to face a very tough crowd–the same crowd he avoided when he bailed from CPAC.

It’s going to be very bloody for him–he will wish he was back in August of last year, when all Erick did was disinvite him from a post-event party. The actual Party is not going to be nearly so kind.

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