Today I turned off the lights in my office for the last time. I’ve got mixed emotions. I’ve been at Sell & Melton for eight years — five as a lawyer. But, I’ve felt burned out and worn down for over a year. The practice of law became drudgery. I spent more days dreading going to the office than not.

I don’t know how the new job will ultimately work out. But, I certainly feel God’s guiding hand in my life and career, so I am ready to take the leap — fear be damned.

Thus begins the next chapter.

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  • Erick,

    You may never know if this is the RIGHT decision, but leaving a job you dread going to is always a GOOD decision in my mind.

    Good luck with the new job and take care.

  • As one of Erick’s former employers, I can say that it was a dictinct pleasure to have somone like Erick give us eight years of his life. Erick is a very capable and talented lawyer, although I agree that he has answered his true calling. He will no doubt be successful in any endeavour he undertakes.

    We wish the best to Erick, Christy and Evelyn. Thanks again.