Don’t Be A Sore Loser, Evan McMullin

I have a lot of concerns about Bannon and Flynn, but this is a ridiculous tweet when it comes to Jeff Sessions.

Jeff Sessions, thirty years ago, was rejected by the United States Senate to be a federal district judge in Alabama because of comments about the NAACP and KKK.

Thirty years later, Jeff Sessions is a sixty-nine year old United States Senator respected by both sides of the aisle who has taken a hard line on immigration and terrorism, but has had a diverse office and earned a lot of respect in Alabama across the aisle and across races.

If we are going to use thirty year old issues to smear people for office we might as well give up having any government and just have anarchy. But to presume a person cannot change in thirty years is ridiculous and it is just as ridiculous to presume a person has not changed because you disagree with him on policy issues.

The people who are calling Jeff Sessions a racist have probably spent little if any time with him in the past three decades.

And frankly, throwing the label “racist” at people like Jeff Sessions undermines the serious concerns about Bannon, Flynn, and others. If we take an all or nothing approach to the Trump administration and if we conclude that anyone willing to work in that administration is unfit for office, we will be putting party over country.

The very reason Evan McMullin ran was to put country over party, so he among all others should probably not paint with such a broad brush.

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