Don’t Be Like Them

For eight years the left called conservatives the enemy. Barack Obama told Hispanic voters that Republicans were their enemies. He told his supporters to get in their neighbors’ faces. He set up an office in the White House and encouraged people to turn in their friends who were lying about Obamacare.

Democrats called Republicans who did not support the President “traitors.”

Christians who refused to go along with the secular left agenda were treated as enemies of humanity and bigots.


When President Trump calls the American media the enemy of the American people his supporters are not only defending him, but cheering him on. Anyone who dares to push back on the idea of Americans being enemies in that broad sense is labeled a enemy collaborator.

You guys are being like the very people who hate. You are adopting the worse characteristics of the militant left. It is like the final scene in Animal Farm.

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

Criticizing the President is not enemy behavior. It is acceptable American behavior. Labeling people as the enemy because you do not like them is very much a Saul Alinsky tactic of the left and I would remind you he dedicated his book to Satan himself. Don’t be like someone who dedicates anything to Satan.

I am no defender of the American media and have been not only quite critical of the media, but have applauded President Trump taking them to the woodshed.

But if you think the American media is an enemy of the American public, you do not really know what a true enemy is. And not only do you not know what a true enemy is, but you now pave the way for, when the left eventually returns to power, an established precedent of treating the opposition like the enemy.

You can say Barack Obama started it, but that’s just a child’s argument. Regardless of who started it, it is not right and frankly it is not American behavior.

Hate on the media all you want. I will gladly join you. But when you label people you disagree with or who you think are obstructing you or lying about you as “the enemy,” you reduce the word in the same way the left does by calling every opponent a racist or bigot. Not every bad person is an enemy. Sometimes they are just bad and I would submit the press is bad, but not an enemy.

Just as there is real racism, there are real enemies. Broadly labeling the press an enemy now will give you little credibility when the real enemy rears its head.

Do not be like them.

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