Don’t Be Surprised by Trump’s Softening on Immigration

It was notable that Trump spoke to a closed door meeting of hispanics and assured them that they did not have to worry. Contrary to his public statements, Trump had no intention of rounding up everyone and sending them packing. Actually, that has been Trump’s position until last year. What was notable was that the only people willing to step forward and deny Trump made the remark were Republican operatives worried about the damage he might do to his campaign message.

Everyone else in the meeting willing to talk said Trump did reassure hispanic voters he has no intention of rounding up all the illegal aliens and throwing them out.

Now he has gone on Sean Hannity’s show and admitted there could be “a softening” of his position on immigration and amnesty and that he really only wants to enforce existing laws, which is Barack Obama’s position.

This was all foreseeable.

Up until Trump decided he wanted to be President, he routinely attacked Republicans for their hostility toward illegal immigrants, he prided himself on hiring immigrants, and he supported the Chamber of Commerce’s open borders position. Only when he decided he needed the votes of anti-illegal immigrant Republicans did he pivot to their position. But it is not his natural position.

Further, it is worth noting that Kellyanne Conway, his campaign manager, did work for Mark Zuckerberg’s FWS group that supports amnesty and more immigration. The polling, which she has a unique way of explaining to Trump, shows most voters are in favor of that position and she knows it.

This was inevitable. Trump, during the primaries, said he would get to Washington and “negotiate the best deals.” He was never a hardliner and now that he has the nomination he no longer has to pretend to be. Where are his supporters going to go? They have been demanding everyone show up to stop Hillary. Are they now going to sit home if he pivots to the left? Of course not.

No one should be surprised by this. Trump is just reverting to his long held position.

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