Don’t Confuse Being An A–hole With Accomplishment

Where is the wall? Where is funding for the wall? It has not happened. What about the judges? Beyond Gorsuch, if you have paid attention, there have been very few judges confirmed into a federal court system more than half vacant.

What about Obamacare repeal? The President does not seem to even know what is in the legislation and the legislation does not even really repeal Obamacare.

Tax reform? It is dead too.

Trump supporters can claim all they want that this is Congress’s fault, but their man in the White House said only he could get things done in Washington. He alone could make Washington work. And it is not working.

The minimal accomplishments of this administration have been in easy areas that the executive branch could halt Obama era regulations from being implemented. They have not undone every executive order that could be undone. They have also not rolled back all of the regulatory state imposed by the Obama Administration — things that could be done without Congress.

What we have instead is a distracted President raging on Twitter with a new communications chief who has turned the White House upside down. Trump’s supporters praise the incivility as progress and are merely distracted from the fact that barely anything has been accomplished.

Look even at the President’s tweets about transgenderism in the military. There is no sign that has been formally communicated to the Pentagon, which is presently considering it. At this time it appears to just be for show.

The President told everyone that only he could do the job and he would drain the swamp. Instead, he’s dammed up the swamp, put a party boat on it, and has turned his attention to twitter.

Being an asshole is not accomplishing anything. The President has provided no leadership to Congress, which in turn neither fears nor respects the President enough to line up behind his agenda. He has done only the bare minimum to advance his agenda in large part because he is so easily distracted into complaining on twitter and his staff is easily cajoled into fighting itself.

President Trump said we would all get tired of winning. Instead, what we are tired of is bluster being confused with success.

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