Don’t Cry

But I have sad news:

Air America has shut its sales offices in Los Angeles and Chicago and is recasting its business plan, the network’s president said on Wednesday as troubles beset the liberal talk show network.

With Air America not broadcasting in those two cities after a financial dispute in April, network president Jon Sinton said, “There’s not much sense in having sales offices in cities where you don’t control a station.”

About 15 to 20 people were laid off in the closing of the sales offices, the latest sign of problems for Air America, launched on March 31 as a liberal alternative to the country’s predominantly conservative talk show culture led by right-wing icons like Rush Limbaugh.

Since it started, Chairman Evan Cohen, Vice Chairman Rex Sorensen and Head of Programing David Logan have left while co-founder Mark Walsh has stepped down as chief executive to take a smaller role in the organization.

Sinton said Air America was in “high-level affiliate discussions in Chicago and Los Angeles” and other cities.

Sinton said the company had moved away from its original business model, which was to lease and totally control the radio stations in which its programing ran.

Rather, Sinton said Air America has found success with traditional affiliate relationships, under which it provides about 20 hours of programing per day in many cases in exchange for the ability to sell a certain number of minutes per hour of advertising.

Heh. No doubt it is the vast right wing conspiracy that has shut them down.

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  • Liberal radio doesn’t work for two reasons:

    1. The cloistered academics and big city ideological leaders of the liberal party speak in the convoluted theoretical mumbo jumbo that snakes through their collective consciousness. This language is poorly received by the largest liberal constituency: the working class, the poor, and minorities. Do any of these groups read the op-ed page of “The New York Times”, or casually pick of a copy of “The Nation”?

    2. When liberals try to drop the Rousseau-speak and actually appeal to the common man their ideas, shed of the mysticism, sound foolish and impractical to everyone.

    Air America was patent in its understanding of this phenomenon hiring base comedians (Al Franken) and shrill hit-women (Randi Rhodes)thus resorting to puerile and mean-spirited attacks on conservative leaders and principles. This type of food fight radio quickly becomes painfully tiresome and embarassing to everyone, including the liberal constituency.

    Liberals both overshoot and undershoot their target audience. That’s because they are not one with those they court. They are not policemen or teachers or low income parents. They are Brahmins trying to lead the unwashed to the shining city of communalism that is constructed on the clouds of left wing fantasies.

    The problem with liberal talk radio is that when liberals unwind their rhetoric and reveal what’s inside the cocoon, it isn’t a butterfly, it’s a moth.