Don’t Save Net Neutrality

Take care when cruising the information super-highway today.  The left has littered it with deception and misdirection intended to confuse you on the issue of so-called “net neutrality.”

A large coalition of Internet giants is pushing hard today for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to preserve “net neutrality” rules implemented under the previous presidential administration.  These rules pave the way for increased government regulation of the Internet by forcing Internet service providers to treat the Internet more like a public utility.  Under net neutrality, Internet companies no longer have to compete amongst each other to be the best.  Net neutrality is forced equal outcomes at its best.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has made it clear that he intends to see net neutrality go the way of the dial-up modem.  Remember that the big tech companies lining up to oppose Chairman Pai have built their Internet empires on the very free market that they are now attempting to stifle.

Today (apparently) is an “Internet-Wide day of Action to Save Net Neutrality.”

If you see a reference to net neutrality today on one of your favorite websites (as I did when I logged in to check the status of an Amazon order), check this list to see if it is one of the hypocrites opposing free markets and competition while claiming to do the opposite.  Companies pushing hard to preserve net neutrality are making conservative-sounding claims like declaring that net neutrality “promotes competition” and “preserves the free and open Internet.”

This is intentional.  They’re trying to get you to take their position without realizing it.

If you get confused, take a second to check and see if the website you’re on supports or opposes net neutrality.  Chances are, if you are seeing horror stories about how the FCC is trying to take away your precious Netflix shows, the website you’re on supports net neutrality.  A bunch of cute (and not very clever) GIFs from the Internet Association are trying to distract you from the facts.

If you’re tempted to support net neutrality anyway, keep in mind that you’ll be lining up with such reputable organizations as Demand Progress, The Center for Media Justice, the ACLU, Daily Kos, and PornHub.

From the free-market perspective, the choice is a simple one:

  • Net Neutrality— 🙁
  • Chairman Pai— 🙂

Remember, the left does not want a “free and open Internet” or competition.  Don’t let them confuse you into thinking otherwise.

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