Don’t Stop. We’re Winning on Swampcare

The vote in the House of Representatives on the AHCA aka Obamacare-lite/Trumpcare/Swampcare or Ryancare if you happen to be a Trump diehard, is today. The harder Trump and the GOP establishment push this down conservatives’ throats, the more we know our hard stand is working.

As of Wednesday afternoon, according to CQ Roll Call, there were 30 “no” votes among the GOP. The White House disputes this, with press secretary Sean Spicer telling The Hill that Rep. Steve King of Iowa has switched to a “yes.”

“I have a full and firm commitment, with many witnesses, from President Trump that he will use his political leverage, to go public and work hard to get the Mitch McConnell amendment passed, which just takes a simple majority in the Senate, and it would comply with the reconciliation package,” King added.

Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.), one of the first lawmakers to endorse Trump, said Wednesday he’d vote for the bill after saying earlier this week he would oppose it.

The White House and Speaker Ryan are clearly worried. They’re making every deal they can, including arm-twisting and hard whip tactics.

In the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell threatened Republicans who oppose the bill.

Although the Freedom Caucus voted against firmly opposing Swampcare as a bloc, many remain extremely skeptical. But Trump is apparently done negotiating on the merits–now it’s down to promises and future influence.

From Roll Call:

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows reiterated a stance shared by several conservatives that there were not enough votes for the bill to pass the House.

“The opposition is still strong,” Meadows said. “They need to start over.”

Freedom Caucus founding member Raul Labrador declined to talk about how many members are committed to voting against the bill but said the votes are not there for the bill to pass and suggested leadership not bring it up for a vote Thursday as planned.

“I don’t think it would be wise for them to move forward,” the Idaho Republican said. “We’re trying to help them. You know, we don’t want to embarrass anybody, we just want to — we’re actually trying to get to yes.”

Remember: left alone without hearing from constituents, Members of Congress will do what’s best for themselves, as in what can keep them in office. They will horse trade for future pork or other election-boosting dainties while voting with the party whips. The biggest backbone any congressman has is a flood of calls, tweets, and emails received.

Keep letting them know. Don’t stop. We’re winning.

Of course, very soon we’ll know if it was enough.

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