House minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reacts as US President Donald J. Trump delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress from the floor of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC, USA, 28 February 2017. Traditionally the first address to a joint session of Congress by a newly-elected president is not referred to as a State of the Union.

Don’t the Democrats Have to Expand Their Base Too?

There is a lot of talk about Donald Trump having to expand his base, but don’t the Democrats have to expand theirs too?

Off year elections typically see less turn out and a more motivated base in the opposition. Republicans saw that and they won the House in 2010, but they did not win the Senate that year. Democrats could be in for the same scenarios just given the Senate seats up for grabs.

But what about 2020 and expanding their base?

Last night, the Democrats largely sat on their hands and refused to clap even during objectively solid moments. The President wanted to put Americans back to work, protect American businesses, defend American borders, deport criminal illegal aliens, and he honored a Navy SEAL. Democrats sat on their hands throughout all of that.

The Democrats are now embracing the “Party of No” rhetoric they used against the GOP. In the short term, maybe that will help them keep their base energized going into 2018. But they should be reminded that Republicans lost to Barack Obama twice.

The Democrats need to expand their base as well. And moving left does not seem to be a recipe for success.

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