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DR Radio: Bathroom Brawls, Little Sisters vs. Obamacare & Trump the Pro-Life Poser?

Dead Reckoning Radio is where host Jay Friesen, next to him, the glorious Hadley A. Heath and next to her, across from Jay, is the one and only Dr. Brian G. Mattson intelligently engage with culture’s critical moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

We’re talking about the Bathroom brawl in North Carolina! You know, the one about having gender-based bathrooms is an anti-LGBT move. We’re talking about Nuns vs. Obamacare, otherwise known as the dual between the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Affordable Care act. And Donald Trump made it back into the show, this time because he said death to women! Well, not really, but sort of…anyway.

We’ve also got Not the Onion News and a Batman vs. Superman inspired game of Fill in the Blank!

For full show notes: http://deadreckoning.tv/drradio33116/

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