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DR Radio February 25, 2016: Trump Train, Zika Abortions & The Death Penalty

Welcome to the February 25, 2016 edition of Dead Reckoning Radio! The show where host Jay Friesen, resident 30-second media mogul Hadley Heath, and Dr. Brian Mattson sit around an old door-turned-table and hopefully attempt to successfully and intelligently engage with critical cultural moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Today’s political discussion will cover the Nevada GOP caucuses and updated outlook of the scrappy battle for the Republican party nomination. Followed by a look at cultural, specifically the debate surrounding the Zika virus and abortion being it’s solution. Finally, we’ll close the taking a look at capital punishment, the Pope’s recent comments, and Christianity’s teaching on the issue. As always, we’ll interject our thoughts with Games of Wit and Whimsy, Not the Onion News and Fill in the Blank: Oscars Edition.

For the show notes and to subscribe to the podcast go here —->http://deadreckoning.tv/drrfeb252016

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