DR Radio March 2, 2015: Super Tuesday Special

Welcome to the Super Tuesday Special edition of Dead Reckoning Radio! This is where host Jay Friesen, our resident 2015 Republican National Committee rising star, Hadley Heath, and Dr. Brian Mattson sit around an old door-turned-table and intelligently engage with (primarily) politics from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Today is a post-Super Tuesday roundup, considering three “futures”: The future of the GOP Presidential race, the future of the GOP as a political party, and the future of the country. Action-packed and full of unique insight, listen in as they intermix these segments with games of wit and whimsy: Nerd v. Nerd and a special election year game, “Donald’s Dictionary”!

For full show notes and to subscribe to the podcast click here: http://deadreckoning.tv/drradio-super-tuesday-special/

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