Drama, Drama: Tomi Lahren Wants Her Voice Back

Tomi Lahren’s new weapon in her fight against her former employer, Glenn Beck, and his outlet, The Blaze is to take to outlets that are normally antagonistic to Beck and conservatives, and to play the brave victim for the world.

Seriously, I watched this clip, and had I not known who Lahren is and why she was bounced, it would probably work up a bit of outrage from me, too.

Unfortunately for Lahren, myself and others do know who she is. We do know why she had her platform with The Blaze shut down, and we’re not buying the crocodile tears.

In the clip, which was a portion of a more expansive interview done with ABC’s “Nightline,” Lahren accuses her former employers of taking her ability to work and silencing her voice.


You’re not owed a job, Tomi. You can certainly earn a job. You’re young enough that you have many years to learn and develop your brand.

There have been many who have faltered in their youth, failed at something, or even screwed up so royally that “comeback” seemed a distant shore, with no hope of rescue.

What separates those who can and those who cannot is the ability to get up, brush themselves off, and keep at it.

A continued narrative of victimization – “They held me back!” – won’t get you there. It’s a shtick that wears thin, quickly.

So do you really want to get your voice out there?

You’ve got a YouTube channel, surely.

Give up the Facebook page and start a new one.

Sometimes razing the past and rebuilding from the ground up is cathartic, and it sounds like it’ll be a good lesson for you.

And no, Sweetie. You didn’t build those followers for yourself. Had Beck and The Blaze not given you that platform, who would have? You’d probably be pushing hotwings to frat boys at Hooter’s.

You say you’re not the kind of girl that sits in a corner and cries about things.

No. You’re the kind of girl that stands up in the middle of a crowded room and starts screaming and kicking about your rights, when no one has wronged you.

While the stack of books with the MAGA cap on top is a nice signal to your base, it’s also curious.

You’re the same one who once proudly declared that you don’t read books, so why are they there?

Also, is there a copy of “Conservatism for Dummies” in that stack? If so, I’m going to suggest you start your reading with that one.

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