Drinks With Ramesh

Okay, my trip to DC is complete. I went out for drinks with Ramesh Ponnuru from National Review, my favorite magazine, which my mother read to me when I was little when we moved overseas and my Dr. Seuss didn’t arrive. NR did and so it was the substitute for Bible stories and Dr. Seuss.

Anyway, Ramesh is a great guy. He wasn’t really what I was expecting, but in a good way. You know how to read someone all the time and form an impression — like Jonah Goldberg is a slack, but really fun frat boy type (okay, he might be) — well, Ramesh exceeded my expectations.

I was kind of apprehensive because the guy is a freaking genius. I figured I’d be out of my league and walk out of Bar Rouge feeling unhip from the atmosphere (I don’t have a spell checker with me by the way) of the place and stupid having basked in the genius of Ramesh.

Not at all. He made me feel welcomed and we had a great conversation.

I did not get his permission to blog about our conversation, some of which I think I should okay with him first. But, there are a few things on which he opened my eyes.

That’s for the next post.

All in all, I had a great time. I think instead of going to every baseball stadium, I’m going to have to go out for drinks with all the NR folks I email with.

JG – I’m still in town with my firm’s credit card. You interested?

Oh, I didn’t leave the place feeling stupid, but yeah, Bar Rouge is a bit more hip than me.

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