Dude Shot a Man for Making Him Late to Church

This is a dude who takes the teaching of the Bible’s book of Hebrews seriously where it is written of Christian believers, “And let us…not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing.” When it’s church day, 49-year-old Calvin Treadway is not to be trifled with. At least if the authorities are to be believed:

Deputies with the Highland Police Department are on the hunt for an attempted murder suspect who they say shot a man who was blocking his car Sunday morning making him late for church.

Yes, it seems that Calvin was attempting to drive his dad to church when he noticed that 20-year-old Jamie Hawkins had parked him in. Clearly being mindful of Biblical teaching about privately confronting our brothers when they have harmed us, Treadway confronted Hawkins.

But that seems to be the point in which Treadway’s commitment to Biblical conflict resolution took an unfortunate turn. A scuffle between the two men ensued and, apparently angry about not wanting to be late to church, Treadway pulled out a gun and shot Hawkins in the throat.

While his obvious passion for making it to weekly worship is admirable, it is clear he could benefit from perhaps some small group material or individualized instruction on how best to love your neighbor. Typically gun play is not involved.

To make matters worse, in a bizarre take on the account of the Good Samaritan, Treadway opted to leave the seriously injured man in the street, and sped off with his dad in a gold Toyota. While that might appear to the police as fleeing the scene of an attempted murder, it is possible that perhaps Treadway was scheduled to give the communion meditation at his church and simply had no time to spare.

Further details will be forthcoming, but authorities are expecting a temporary decrease in the amount of children dragging their feet when their parents yell at them to get dressed and in the van for church this Sunday morning.

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