Dude Wins Girls’ Weightlifting Competition – is He Proud?

The other day before his mother and two sisters got home, I had my three-year-old son helping clean up the mess we’d made in the family room. As he was carrying toys back to the playroom, he would frequently complain about how they were too heavy for him. They weren’t – he was just trying to get me to do it for him.

My response was to trick him. I just started bragging about how strong he was, which he seemed to enjoy, and soon he was showing off how much he could carry. On days like that it’s hard not to dream about what all fathers dream about: maybe some day my son will grow up and set a national women’s weightlifting record.

That is what all fathers dream about, right? Well apparently they do in Australia:

Laurel Hubbard, a transgender “woman” from Kiwi, took a commanding win in Sunday’s Australian International event in Melbourne. The athlete wrecked the biological women during Sunday’s showdown, setting four national records. “Hubbard lifted a combined total of 268kg – 19kg better than silver medallist Iuniarra Sipaia of Samoa,” notes NZ Herald.

The 39-year-old weightlifting champ previously competed in men’s national weightlifting before his “transition” during his mid-30s…

Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand President Garry Marshall acknowledged the controversy surrounding a man competing in a women’s division, but affirmed that he must abide by OWNZ rules.

Marshall added that they would “act” on “concrete evidence” of advantages for Hubbard if there were any.

Uh, how about this concrete evidence: he’s a dude.

This is similar to the controversy that happened a few years ago in Massachusetts when a young man named Will Higgins set the State Division meet record in the girls’ 50-meter freestyle. Will did not think he was a girl, nor did he consider himself transgender, but thanks to the state’s open access laws, he was able to join the female swim team.

A couple things about these kinds of stories:

First, if it is ever my little girl who trained her whole career to swim in the state meet, and she finishes second because she had to compete against Michael Phelps lined up next to her, I’m going to be pretty frosted. It seems I’m not alone in that regard, by the way. One of the dads of the defeated girl swimmers, Eric Hooper, mouthed to the male who beat his daughter, “Good job for beating the girls.”

That begs the question of my second observation. As a male, how exactly do you feel good about yourself for winning this meet or setting that record? Do you envision going to the local pub one day, bellying up to the bar as Olympic swimming comes on the screens, nudging your buddies and saying, “You know, I still hold the record in the girls 50 meter freestyle?”

Which brings us back to our male weightlifter “identifying” as a woman.

The entire methodology of the left revolves around egalitarianism and the pursuit of what they perceive to be a fair and equitable society. It’s what provokes their incessant droning about the wealthy needing to pay their fair share, reparations, affirmative action, and their clinging to thoroughly debunked talking points about the pay gap between men and women.

Somehow it is lost on the left that the LGBT revolution they promote undermines all of that. There are significant and obvious biological differences between males and females – bone structure, muscular structure, hormones, body mass, and several other meaningful distinctions. In fact, those distinctions are the very reason why these weightlifting competitions have sex-segregated categories in the first place: it is inherently unfair to have men and women competing against each other when one is biologically advantaged over the other.

Which is why if we can get beyond the annoyance, this circus is somewhat comical to watch unfold. Revolutionaries will always turn on one another. And given that the LGBT crusade is premised upon ideas completely antithetical to what the left has always claimed to champion, something’s going to give. I can’t wait.

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