South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley speaks during the RedState Gathering in Charleston, S.C., Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011. Texas Gov. Rick Perry will speak later today and is expected to announce his intentions to run for President. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

During NY Gay Pride Parade, Nikki Haley Subjected to Leftist “Civility”

When they say they want “acceptance” and “tolerance,” you should always be prepared to read between the lines.

To the LGBT community, it will always be “Tolerance for me, but not for thee.”

Hypocrisy is, after all, considered a virtue on the lunatic fringe.

On Sunday, New York City held its Pride Parade.

That wouldn’t be pride in the resilience of the human spirit, pride of actual accomplishments, or pride in anything that would otherwise move the nation to a higher level of achievement and general well-being.

It’s a celebration of what goes on in their bedrooms – something homosexuals used to adamantly insist that we stay out of.

And they’re nasty about it.

Case in point would be the treatment of the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

Leaving lunch on Sunday, with her young son in tow, Haley says she was subjected to boos and “hateful things” by the revelers.

Our country used to be better than this, Ambassador. I fear we have long since lost the high ground, due to the twisted ideology of social justice warriors, who have strategically placed themselves in media and academia.

After sending her tweet, almost as if to prove my point, the cackling, hate-filled masses responded:

“Well, Nikki Haley opposes trans protections, tried to oppose SSMs from other states, and now works for Trump,” Zack Ford, LGBTQ editor at Think Progress, tweeted. “So yeah, she was booed.”

No, Zack. She was appointed by Trump. She works for the United States.

“Good,” Eleanor Saitta tweeted. “Until you stop threatening to destroy our lives, you shouldn’t have peace in public.”

If somebody believing in the sanctity of marriage could destroy your lives, you had pretty weak lives, to begin with, so maybe you should fix them.

“It’s not wrong at all,” another Twitter user noted. “This day is for gay PRIDE, not for people who actively work to oppress gay rights.”

If gay PRIDE is the equivalent of hateful rhetoric, then shouldn’t being gay be treated the same as a hate crime?

I don’t know. I’m just bouncing ideas out there to run in the same vein as the thinking held by these stalwart activists.

Their problem seems to be that Haley, as former governor of South Carolina, held views they disagreed with (The Horror!).

In 2013, she fought a federal lawsuit that sought to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

“The citizens of South Carolina spoke … they spoke something that I, too, believe, which is marriage should between a man and a woman,” Haley said, the paper noted. “I’m going to stand by the people of this state, stand by the constitution, I’m going to support it and fight for it every step of the way.”

She was doing her job, and also being open about her own feelings on the issue. That’s what she’s supposed to do. It’s what she was elected to do – represent the people of South Carolina.

Does that make her a bigot?

No. It does not.

This is the same Nikki Haley that spoke out in April against the atrocities being committed against gay men in Chechnya.

“We continue to be disturbed by reports of kidnapping, torture, and murder of people in Chechnya based on their sexual orientation and those persecuted by association,” Haley wrote in a statement. “If true, this violation of human rights cannot be ignored–Chechen authorities must immediately investigate these allegations, hold anyone involved accountable, and take steps to prevent future abuses.”

It is one of the most vigorously pushed fallacies of the left, and the foot soldiers of liberalism that you must comply in thought and deed, with no variation, with every position they hold, or else.

Ambassador Haley did not deserve to get booed and heckled for her beliefs about marriage, any more than she deserves to be booed and heckled for who appointed her to her current position.
She’s an individual, not a cog in a machine.

If New York’s gay community want respect, but are unwilling to show even the most basic measure of respect to a U.S. ambassador, as well as a mother in public with her child, they shouldn’t be upset when others view that behavior and reject the notion of meeting them halfway on issues that matter to them.

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