Dutch Government Moves to Replace U.S. Funding of Foreign Abortions

On Monday President Trump (it’s still so weird to say it) signed an executive order restoring the Mexico City Policy. Also known a the “global gag rule” (see how abortion proponents twist identifying language to elicit emotion?), the policy bars American taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortion in foreign countries.

As predicted, the pro-choice crowd is outraged at this policy that has been reinstated and rescinded with each changing administration since Reagan. However, as an answer to the loss of American dollars the Dutch government has announced they intend to create and international fund to health agencies that supply abortions around the globe.

Dutch representative ┬áLilianne Ploumen says the move will end up leading to “dangerous backroom procedures and higher maternal mortality.” It always devolves to backrooms and alleys, doesn’t it? And shall we point out the irony in raising the infant mortality rate?

“This decision has far-reaching consequences above all for the women it affects, who should be able to decide for themselves if they want a child, but also for their husbands and children and for society as a whole…Banning abortion does not reduce the number of abortions.”
To be clear, President Trump has not “banned abortions” anywhere, let alone around the world…as if he could. He has simply removed American funding of abortions. If our dollars are the sole source of support for international abortion procedures you’d think the world-wide media might treat us with a little more respect. Of course they are not, as proven by the Dutch government.

The Dutch already have a dubious record when it comes to life issues. In 2008 they legalized euthanasia and that slippery slope has only become slicker each year. Recently a clinic that provides care for chronic depression opened with the mission of aiding the chronically depressed in suicide should they choose that option.

Depression is a very treatable condition. The thought of condoning and then assisting in one’s suicide while in a depressive state is not only horrific, it indicates a societal shift in culture of life to the culture of death.

The Netherlands response to the Mexico City policy rightly mirrors their current culture’s opinion on the sanctity of life.


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