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EcoSex: Can Virgin Sacrifice Be Far Behind

“They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised.” Romans 1:25

Last week Truth Revolt reported that a group led by a Santa Monica college professor took part in a wedding ceremony at the beach. The ceremony wed members of the group to the Pacific Ocean and allowed them to enter into what was termed an “ecosexual” relationship.  Once “wed,” the class was instructed to “make love with the water” by stepping into the sea or dipping “any part of your body that you want.” Of course it was mandatory that one obtain “consent” first.

Most people’s first reaction to such a story is to laugh. Punchlines flooded my own mind as I first read about it, then heartbreak and sadness took over. I began writing about the environmental movement in earnest in 2008 so, sadly, this is not my first exposure to what I would describe as the cultural renewal of good old fashioned 12th century paganism.

My first foray into the environmental movement and its ties to paganism, communism and anti-capitalism was during my research for a novel (written in 2007 and published in 2008) which I entitled “Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing To Do With The Environment”. I got great reviews and the book opened many doors for me in the political and skeptical scientific communities. I was honored to be named an Adjunct Scholar with The Cornwall Alliance, which I am very proud is an ongoing relationship.

One former Presidential Cabinet member, upon reading my novel, told me that my plot “absolutely nailed it” in terms of what the green movement consists of and what it’s up to. In my opinion, the modern day green movement, like a three legged stool, has three elements to its foundation:

True believers-This group can be subdivided. The majority of these individuals are well intentioned for the most part, and genuinely want to do things that are “good” (Although sometimes even their best intentions are based on incomplete information and therefore they end up supporting misguided, unhelpful regulations). But some in this category have been overtaken by their zeal. In my book, one of my villains collapses to the ground in worship of Gaia, the name of a false deity, the earth personified as a goddess. Many in the green movement were very offended by my depiction, contacting me and lamenting that I had indulged in stereotyping. But months after my book was published, a statue of Gaia was prominently displayed at the Copenhagen conference on climate change. The folks that just married the ocean make up more than just a handful of fringe members of big green.

Economic and political opportunists– The use of keywords like sustainability and the practice of bestowing products with the equivalent of knighthood by labeling them “green” are now rife throughout western culture. Billions of dollars, the majority being from government subsidies, are being spent on everything from windmills to biodegradable food wrappers. When this much money is present, opportunists show up in droves. One such opportunist was looked on as a stiff, dull, washed-up, politician until he made a propaganda film called “An Inconvenient Truth.” Now he’s a multi-millionaire and a rock star among celebrities.

Communists and anti-capitalists– As recently as 2008, green advocates vehemently denied their anti-capitalist bent. But at a conference last year attended by a friend in 2014, an individual whose name now escapes me was speaking. She said, (and I’m paraphrasing) “For years conservatives have accused us of being anti-capitalist or even communist in our views. We have always dismissed them as paranoid. But our movement has now advanced far enough that we can confess that they were right.

Speaking of novels, Maurice Strong, who originally headed up the UN’s Environmental Program once spoke about a novel he would like to write. The novel would explore options to solve the supposed world environmental crisis. In talking about the story idea he said, “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

These are examples of sentiments now regularly expressed by leaders of big green.

What do these three foundational elements of the movement have in common? Each is anathema to the Judeo-Christian ethic that built Western Civilization. Even the opportunists, who may be agnostic on religious questions in general, are willing to partner with an anti-God mindset to meet their own financial ends, and are more than willing to sacrifice what is best for America (like coal and all the economic benefits it could afford the United States) in exchange for what is best for them individually. We are far past the point of laughing off hard core environmentalism.

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