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Elections have become reactionary and Trump and the GOP are in charge

Elections have become reactionary. In 2008, Barack Obama was elected in part because of the unpopularity of President George W. Bush, on-going wars, and a financial collapse. After two years of policies from a super majority Democratic Congress, voters rallied with the Tea Party and elected a Republican House of Representatives. Eventually, the Republicans won the U.S. Senate and running against a do-nothing corrupt Washington, Donald Trump rallied to beat one of the least popular (insider) candidates in modern political history. Now, a year later, Trump has an approval rating lower than any President in history. With that, Democrats absolutely crushed Republicans in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and parts of Georgia.

So what does that mean for 2018? A lot can happen in a year, but as of right now, under President Trump and a Republican Congress, little has been accomplished. Trumpism has never been popular and only seemed so because Hillary Clinton was on the ballot in 2016. Democrats are fired up because of the narcissistic President and Republicans continue to be in a no-win situation. As Erick stated this morning, support Trump and you isolate moderates and independents, part from the President and a third of the Republican base disappears. Neither party is popular, but the referendum in 2018 will be against the GOP. Make no mistake, Republicans only gained control because they were the only other choice available when Democrats lost over 1,000 seats under President Obama. Now, under President Trump, people still do not like the status quo and Republicans are in charge.

Additionally, the future remains bleak for the GOP. In the era of Trump, younger voters continue to move toward the Democrats. Look at the stat last night in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The one constant is that time keeps moving forward. Whether it is in 2020 or 2024, eventually Donald Trump will no longer be President. As Brit Hume said last night, Trump is going to be about Trump. He will quickly throw the GOP under the bus if that serves him best. The problem for the GOP is deeper. Republicans can say pay no attention to the President’s rhetoric or tweets, but behind their own curtain, nothing is there. Unless they start showing how their policies will make “America Great Again” they will continue to be a party of the President. Since they bought Trump and Trumpism despite the warnings from many true conseratives, the price for the debt he is causing will be severe and painful.

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