Elections Matter

I’m not saying that the other guy would have raised taxes. But I am saying I’m glad I got my guy elected.

Bibb County commissioners avoided a property tax increase for the coming year by cutting outside agency funding 10 percent and dipping into county reserves to balance the 2006 budget.

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  • I was glad to see they were willing to actually make cuts to reach the figures they needed. I’m sorry that some worthwhile groups will not be fully funded but I think “outside agencies” should be the first place any government looks for reductions. No cuts to essential services like police and fire should be even talked about except as a last resort. You wouldn’t want to, for example, come right out with a proposal to cut police incentive pay until all other alternatives were looked at.

    It was also refreshing not to have to hear all the “we’ve already cut this to the bone” nonsense we hear from some other local government bodies every year at budget time.

  • If the SPLOST gets voted in, none of these cuts will happen. I am not happy that I helped get Charlie elected, but the alternative was not any better. When an economy is stagnant, you do not resort to raising taxes. A government should do what is right when major businesses leave town, and that is to downsize all departments and cut frivolous spending. Vote no on June 21st-no more taxes.

  • We already have a regressive tax in Georgia in the form of a lottery. It is a proven fact that the poor are more apt to play the lottery. How in the world can anyone impose a sales tax increase on a poverty stricken county? It is time or past time for these two inefficient governments to merge, and voting against a sales tax increase will force the City and the County to start cutting the fat. Bibb County has 155,000 residents and Jefferson County, KY where Louisville, Ky is has over 700,000 residents. Louisville and Jefferson County, KY merged their governments in 2000, which was one of the largest city/county mergers ever completed. This merger in Jefferson County created tax savings for the residents. Now, why do we have to live with two inefficient governments when we are 25% the size of Jefferson County, KY? Vote no on June 21st and force a consolidation!

  • http://info.speakupwny.com/

    Check out this website to see how citizens are outraged in Western New York about a proposed sales tax increase. Over 130,000 people have signed the online petition. Taxpayers, we are faced with a crisis throughout the United States with incompetent governments that refuse to cut back expenses in lieu of raising taxes. We need so desperately to have some people in this community get more involved in changing our out of control local government. Why should a government be allowed to continue to pick our pockets for their bad management? A private enterprise must look for cost cuts to keep from going bankrupt, and if a government were ethical it should do likewise.

  • http://www.sullivan-county.com/

    Check out this article on the internet for economic apartheid in the Appalachian area, and how the government inveted in a Red Lobster, etc… trying to lure business to the area. This is a perfect example of why governments do not belong in a capitalist market! We are headed in the same direction as this poor tri-state area, if we do not heed the warning from other areas of our country. We need to cut taxes not raise them to spur economic vitality! This is why the tax cuts in 2001 helped our economy because more money in taxpayers pockets is a better stimulus than an inefficient government getting their hands on it.

  • http://www.cato.org/pubs/briefs/bp-075es.html

    10 reasons that the Cato Institute publihsed in regard to a sales tax increase in Virginia. Click on link to read why a sales tax increase is bad for a stagnating economy where the citizens have endured inflation and tax increases in the past with little or no increase in household incomes. This is the same situation that we have in Bibb County.