Documents are lined-up for members of the state's Electoral College Monday, Dec. 17, 2012, in Olympia, Wash. Tradition trumped suspense Monday as members of the Electoral College cast the official, final votes in the 2012 presidential election, a constitutional formality on President Barack Obama's march to a second term. The rite playing in state capitols involved party luminaries and tireless activists carrying out the will of each state's voters. The popular vote from state-to-state dictates whether Democratic or Republican electors get the honor, but the outcome is not in doubt. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Electoral College Voter Says He Probably Won’t Vote for Trump

Baoky Vu, a Republican in Georgia who will be a member of the Electoral College, is today floating the idea that he cannot vote for Trump.

This is a really big deal.

Some states claim to make it illegal for the Electoral College to change this mind from how the state’s voters voted. But that has not been tested constitutionally and not all states require it anyway. Georgia is one of the states that does not require it.

So if Vu maintains his position, Trump will get one less vote from Georgia in December when the real vote for President occurs.

Good for Baoky Vu.

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