Ellisian Reality Distortion Field

Macon’s Mayor is a vainglorious, inept politician. The sooner he is totally marginalized by City Council or recalled, the better off the city will be.

For those who do not know what I’m talking about, it is widely joked that Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Computer, as a “Jobs Reality Distortion Field TM” that can alter normal reality into what he is thinking. If Jobs says the sky is green, the great mass of punditry will start talking about how green the sky is.

C. Jack Ellis could use some practice getting his Ellisian Reality Distortion Field on line. The mayor wants us all to believe Macon is in rosy financial shape. If we take “rosy” to mean “red”, then yes Macon is in the red. It’s broke. With the reality now dawning, the Mayor is trying to take uneven steps to stop the meltdown he himself created through his poor choices. Yet, he is finding that he cannot walk back across bridges he burned to the ground.

Today comes word that they mayor wants to cut pension funding and the mayor is hauling City Council into court.

The man would be considered a genius if only we regarded short bus riders as geniuses. Politics comes in two forms — the form of electability and the form of governing. Most people have the latter. A good number have a healthy mix of the former and the latter. Mayor Ellis seems only to have the former and not such much of that. His first election he won because he was able to secure the black vote. The second time he ran against an inexperienced candidate and the mayor against secured the black vote. Unable now to run for re-election, the mayor has done an amazing job of burning bridges in the black community and across the county. It is amazing that our Industrial Authority is able to attract business to Macon at all.

With City Council in the Mayor in a permanent state of war, we can only wonder why City Council does not take more pro-active steps to toss the mayor before the whole city goes completely in the crapper.

If only the mayor had less arrogance and more humility. Convinced of his own rightness and convinced he deserves the credit for everything, the mayor wants his way on everything. The fine art of compromise he did not learn.

When people go around saying they don’t care who gets the credit or no one is above the law or we should not take things personally, he usually means that he wants the credit, he thinks he is above the law, and he takes things personally. Those who really don’t care about the credit, really do recognize they are not above the law, and really don’t take things personally are not out holding press conferences in lame efforts to recapture a bully pulpit that long ago ceased to be effective because of all the bullying taking place.

Macon’s Mayor is a vainglorious, inept politician. The sooner he is totally marginalized by City Council or recalled, the better off the city will be.

Bridges burned cannot be crossed back and without crossing back from this brink of ruin the mayor has led us to, businesses and taxpayers will continue to shun Macon, a city unable to get its act together under current executive leadership.

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