Embracing Gomorrah

[T]hose with no voice will be silenced by the rationalizations of irrationally rational monsters.

On December 1, 2004, Prince Bernard of the Netherlands died of cancer. Unlike his fellow countrymen, Prince Bernard, father of the current Queen, went to meet his maker on his own. He might be the last of a noble generation that met their fate stoically with honor and a will to succeed against even death.

The Netherlands, which ceased being relevant with the tulip bulb collapse of the 16th century, has now decided to commit suicide. Overwhelmed by militant muslims ready for jihad, instead of protesting, the Dutch are doing the work of the jihadists — voluntarily purging the Netherlands of its citizens through assisted suicide.

In a step that is both logical given their current practices and horrific, a Dutch hospital has now adopted what is being referred to as the Groningen Protocol, named for the hospital in question, which allows doctors to kill the innocent just born if the doctor thinks the newborn is terminally ill.

Ironically, the Dutch medical association called on the Netherlands to adopt official protocols for the killing of those with “no free will” to make the decision. Had the Netherlands not abandoned what was once a vibrant merchant economy in favor of stagant socialism where people really have no will or hope to succeed beyond goverment planning, the culture might not be hell bent to kill itself off. A country that was once a hegemony has now voluntarily reduced itself to a state without culture, hope, or a will to survive. In the last act of this national tragedy, the doctors, playing God with writ of the government, have decided to kill the future along with the present.

The act is despicable and shameful. Yet the doctors and government rationalize the system because neither value life. They ceased valuing life when they decided valuing the self was more important. Now those with no voice will be silenced by the rationalizations of irrationally rational monsters.

To protest the killing of the innocent just born, you can call the Embassy of the Netherlands at 202-244-5300.

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