FILE - In this March 8, 2012 file photo, a jogger passes by the entrance to the L.L. Bean retail store in Freeport, Maine. L.L. Bean says sales grew 5.5 percent over the past year despite a mild winter weather that hurt sales of skis, coats and other outdoor gear for which the company is known. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

End Campaign Finance Disclosures

I have come to the conclusion that Republicans in Congress need to ban campaign finance disclosures. That does not mean they should not report them to the FEC, just that the names and addresses of contributors should be redacted and prohibited from public disclosure.

We are seeing a new front open up in the culture war and it is the ugliest yet.

A large part of the left and even some on the right have decided to harass and boycott contributors to those they disagree with. This stifles freedom.

Right now LL Bean is under boycott and its employees are being harassed because one of the family heirs personally gave money to Donald Trump and set up a PAC to support him.

We’ve seen the Mozilla CEO driven from his job because of the public disclosure that he supported Proposition 8. During the Proposition 8 campaign, there were waitresses and others who saw people come into their places of business and demand they be fired.

People used to be able to politely disagree on the politics of the day and the candidates they support. But in an age where progressivism declares all things political and all political things are engaged like trench warfare, we need to rethink public disclosures.

It opens American citizens up to harassment and discrimination based on their political views. It stifles participation in the American political system. It will only, over time, build up greater resentment.

Congressional Republicans should act quickly and prohibit the public disclosure of donors to political campaigns.

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