a small sign of hope - a mud-stained and tattered American flag stands in a pile of debris left by Hurricane Katrina in Chalmette, Louisiana

Engineering An American Coup

There’s speculation that Turkish president Tayyip Erdoğan may have engineered the coup against his own government in order to crush any opposition to his ever more-dictatorial rule. We very well could be facing a coup here at home, similarly engineered by our own leaders.

Proving that liberals are fine with this kind of takeover, liberal race baiter and columnist Shaun King tweeted that a Trump presidency will bring a Turkey-style coup to America. I think he’s right but it won’t be Trump who brings the coup, and it won’t be a coup against the government, but against the Constitution.

Think about it. Every time there’s a shooting where the shooter either kills a large number of people or uses a semiautomatic rifle, President Obama calls for gun control. When police shoot African Americans, before the facts are known, Obama calls for racial harmony without defending the police–in fact he tends to blame them.

When a black nationalist executes police in Dallas, or in Baton Rouge, you can be sure Obama blames the gun. He wants to engineer his own coup against America, specifically against the Second Amendment (and with it, the Fourth, Sixth and Tenth Amendments).

Enough dead cops, enough race-related killings, and the government will start rounding up guns. Kudos to Gov. John Kasich for following the law in Ohio after calls for an extra-legal ban on open carry in Cleveland. That option probably won’t be open to him for long, if Obama’s coup proceeds.

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