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EPA Continues To Be Poster Child For Government Waste

The Washington Free Beacon obtained receipts showing that the EPA, ostensibly worried about proposed budget cuts, purchased $15,000 worth of gym memberships for its employees last April.

The office in question is located on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus, and can purchase access to the campus gym for $25/month, but instead opted for a premium gym membership off campus, The memberships to 24-hour fitness run $399 per person, per year.

In the scale of government waste, it’s not the largest waste we have ever seen, but it fits the pattern of wasteful spending and unaccountable bureaucracy in the agency.

A 2015 report from Forbes showed that the EPA spent $92 million on office furniture from 2002-2014.

Some of the highlights:

  • $813 pencil drawer
  • $73,000 for “furniture moving” during an office carpet cleaning.
  • $15,751 for a Herman Miller “Wood Racetrack Conference Table”
  • $13,304 for a “five drawer multi-lock file case”

This is an agency where some employees have spent 100’s of hours viewing pornography on the job, and the Denver office had to remind employees to stop “placing feces in the hallway”.

While the farmers and businesses they scrutinize work long hours, and use second hand office furniture, the regulators continue to reinforce the image that there are, as John Edwards would say, two Americas.  The private sector, where you are accountable to customers, prices, economic forces, as well as the government, and another, government bureaucracy, where business is always booming, there is always more taxpayer money to spend, and the rules don’t apply.

Here’s to hoping the EPA’s budget cuts are as draconian as they fear.


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