Eric Holder Upset James Comey Exposed The Coverup

Let’s be honest here — what the Department of Justice has done for the last year is block, obstruct, and cover up Hillary Clinton’s behavior. In July, they thought they had James Comey on their team and they rushed out to hail him as a hero. But the members of this Administration and the political apparatchiks in both the Department of Justice and embedded within the FBI could not stop the leaks from career FBI agents.

Comey knew what was coming. He knew the FBI agents would start speaking out. Not only that, and this is the most important bit, he knew that after the election all the information would come flooding out and it really would look like the FBI collaborated in a political coverup to protect Hillary Clinton. So Comey complied with rules that require him to update Congress if a situation changes after testimony is given.

Now Eric Holder and the political apparatchiks are out to get Comey. They are livid that they have been exposed by a man they thought was on their side.

This has nothing to do with the election. Justice does not look at the calendar. The left-wing head of the left-wing Center for American Progress is complaining that Comey’s letter affected the stock market. The former Attorney General is complaining that Comey is affecting the election. Justice does not care about elections and stock markets. Justice cares about law.

It is beyond laughable that the very same people who defended Comey in July are now assailing his character and behavior because he is no longer helping them cover up Clinton’s arrogance and stupidity. They should not be angry at James Comey. They should be angry at Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin for thinking they did not have to play within the boundary of rules everyone else must play within.

Huma Abedin, in a deposition, said she handed over every single electronic device that might contain emails. That appears to no longer be true. Comey need not wait until after the election to reveal that.

What’s more, Comey’s revelation and the leaks surrounding it show a Department of Justice that worked overtime to shield Hillary Clinton and run interference for her. They went so far as to try to block an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Contrary to their public statements, they were not impartial and neutral, but active agents on Hillary Clinton’s behalf. They just got exposed and are really, really unhappy about that.

One more thing worth noting is that for weeks the Democrats have attacked Donald Trump for claiming the election was rigged. He was undermining the very institutions of American democracy we need as a nation for stability. But now the Democrats are doing the same thing with Comey. They claim he is trying to throw the election. They have become Donald Trump.

In July, the Democrats told us James Comey was a professional who followed the rules and did his job without fear of partisan pressure. Looks like they were right after all. And now they hate that they were right.

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